14 Feb 2020


The best aphrodisiacs stimulate the senses, soften the heart and increase circulation to ignite passion in humans. There’s no beating around the bush about the fact that sharing food with a loved one is one of the most pleasurable experiences yet. Couple a fabulous meal with great conversation, some soothing music and a little mood [...]
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07 Feb 2020

10 Tips To Build Healthy Bones

Bones are the building structures of our body and play many important roles, such as protecting the organs, anchoring muscles, and storing calcium. Bones continue to change and adapt our entire lives. A new bone is made when the old is broken down and this process goes on from birth till the very end. At [...]
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31 Jan 2020

Vitality And Health In Men

Hormonal balance defines genders in human beings when regulated throughout life at just the precise moment. Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the testes that regulates vitality and sexuality in men. Before a man hits puberty, the testosterone levels in the male body are at a low rate. Once a boy hits puberty, testosterone [...]
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24 Jan 2020

Yogurt For Your Gut

Gut and intestinal problems trouble millions across the globe. However, what most people are unaware of is that the solution to these problems is closer than they think. We are talking about the healthy and yummy Yogurt! That’s right! Yogurt is a dairy product made by fermenting milk with culture that provides protein and calcium, [...]
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17 Jan 2020

Famous Herb That May Cure Your Diabetes

Diabetes has troubled many people across the globe for a long time. Many have tried various medical concoctions and combinations to cope with the symptoms of this disease. However, most people are unaware that the cure is in their own kitchen. Not a cure per say, but you can definitely keep your sugar levels in [...]
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10 Jan 2020

Cheers To Health

A health shot a day keeps ailments away! No, we are not just rhyming words, it’s the truth. Everyone knows about vodka and tequila shots, but they kill your body from the inside out and you are sure to wake up with a raging hangover, right? Instead, why not take a shot of wellness, one [...]
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03 Jan 2020


When it comes to herbs and spices and their health benefits, all sorts of names crop up; Turmeric, Cinnamon, Clove, Oregano, Thyme, Cilantro, Rosemary and so on. There is one important spice, however, that is usually ignored. This spice is embraced and loved by the entire world, and yet is overlooked when it comes to [...]
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27 Dec 2019


How many times have we all laid in bed with sleep eluding us? Nothing is worse than waking up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning and worrying about all the problems in life, including those lost precious hours of sleep. Insomnia can trouble anyone and give you anxiety; however, on the other [...]
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20 Dec 2019

Spicing It Up For The Holidays

Christmas is the time we spend with family, cherishing the bonds and memories we make during the festive season. Another aspect of these beautiful holidays is the delicious food and festivities. A cornucopia of appetizing dishes are relished by everyone, so isn’t it possible to incorporate deliciousness with amazing health benefits that come up with [...]
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13 Dec 2019

Brain Enhancing Superfood You Must Try !

Every gym enthusiast struggles to consume the amount of proteins required to tone their bodies after a hefty workout. Doing so by consumption of just a daily diet and not extra protein supplements that could potentially cause long-term problems is a great challenge. The solution, however, lies right in front for everyone to ponder. Yes, [...]
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