11 Oct 2019

Nutrient That Fights Aging And Anxiety

Amino acids play many critical roles in the body and are commonly referred to as the building blocks of proteins. Various vital processes in the body like hormone synthesis and neurotransmitter synthesis require amino acids. Hormones such as insulin, melatonin and growth hormones are all metabolised by Lysine. The body requires a total of 20 [...]
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04 Oct 2019

Turmeric Herb Of Timeless Beauty And Sparkling Smiles

Every health junkie knows about healthy, immunity enhancing herbs that can possibly beat cancer and so on. What they might be unaware of are the beauty benefits of the same healthy herbs. Turmeric is a deep yellow root used since ancient times for its medicinal properties and as a famous spice in eastern countries. This [...]
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27 Sep 2019

Significance Of Maintaining Body Fluid Balance

Homeostasis is the body’s ability to maintain a stable equilibrium between the physiological processes in the human body. This equilibrium is maintained with the help of body fluid balance. The human body has a lot of fluids, but the one that gets replenished the most and needs a refill most often is water. Over half [...]
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20 Sep 2019

Miraculous Benefits Of Moringa

Herbal medicine has been prevalent since ancient times in Indian and Chinese cultures. Some herbs work towards a physical cure while others have mental wellness effects. Some herbs are medicinal miracles, while some others provide beauty and an eternal glow. There are also all-rounder herbs that provide physical and mental wellness coupled with beauty benefits. [...]
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13 Sep 2019

Importance Of Blood Purification

Blood is the life force of the human body, but it can get polluted or contaminated during our duration of life quite easily. There are various reasons why that happens, it may be because of our lifestyle, eating junk food, lack of exercise, lack of water intake; the list can go on and on. All [...]
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06 Sep 2019

Wonders Of Amla Or Indian Gooseberry

Scientifically known as Phyllanthus Emblica, Amla or Indian gooseberry is the fruit of a deciduous plant with leathery leaves. The name of Amla has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Amraki” that translates to “the nectar of life” or “the sustainer”. The translation of the name says everything that needs to be said about the [...]
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30 Aug 2019

Weight Management – Myths, Facts, And Motivation

The best of us have struggled with the weighing scale and cursed our metabolism for unseeming weight gain or weight loss. However much we may struggle, the solution to this problem eludes us. Believe it or not, the secret lies in appetite management, healthy eating, and an active lifestyle. Most people achieve the goal of [...]
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23 Aug 2019

All About Liver Care

The largest organ in our body is often one of the most neglected organs. Yes, we are talking about the liver. The liver is often neglected and left out while talking about the digestive system. However, that shouldn’t be the case. The liver plays a key role in our digestive systems. Infact, all the solids, [...]
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16 Aug 2019

Significance Of Detox In Our Lives

We live in a world where our food comes from a can, generally chemically processed, vegetables are sprayed with pesticides, fruits are artificially ripened, and everything we consume is adulterated in some way or another. The body has its own detoxification system that takes care of these toxic chemicals so that all the bodily systems [...]
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09 Aug 2019

Essential Oils And The Magic They Weave

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing process that uses natural plant extracts, essential oils, and a heavenly compounds of flavorful aromatic substances to promote health and a sense of general well-being as well as happiness. Often known as essential oil therapy, it has medicinally proven to be helpful in improving the health of the body, mind, [...]
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