14 Jun 2019

Medicinal Magic Of The Flowers

Flowers represent joy, happiness, freedom and positivity. Something else that flowers represent, an aspect that many tend to neglect, is health. Flowers have healing properties hidden beneath their beautiful, fragrant surfaces. Since it is a summer season and flowers are smiling at us, there is no better time to talk about their healing properties. Here [...]
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08 Jun 2019

Spirulina – Superfood Of The Oceanic Realms

Spirulina is biomass of a blue-green cyanobacteria also known as microalgae. Cultivated across the world, this algae is used as a dietary supplement by a large number of population. In layman terms, Spirulina is a seaweed packed with nutrients. It is arguably known as the most nutrient dense food on the planet by some of [...]
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31 May 2019

Ashwagandha – Rejuvenating Elixir Of Life

Ashwagandha has been an integral part of herbal medicine since thousands of years. As an adaptogen, it can be easily referred to as royalty of the herbs. Ashwagandha herb belongs to the nightshade family known for their beautiful but poisonous berries. However, Ashwagandha is a miracle herb as its berries, leaves and roots contain medicinal [...]
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24 May 2019

Grow Your Very Own Garden Of Health

Summer is the season of growth. It is the perfect time to grow your own garden and enjoy its reaps. But, why not grow our personal health garden instead of some other plants that may or may not survive the length of time? NuvoMed selects its plants and herbs carefully and vigilantly in order to [...]
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17 May 2019

Enhancing Immunity During Seasonal Shift

As winter ends and spring is nearly on the horizon, the weather starts warming up. Flowers start blooming and the air becomes crisp. What’s more that happens is the number of pollen grains increase in the air and mold starts growing. Warmer weather promotes survival and replication of bacteria and viruses effortless. And all these [...]
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13 May 2019

Effect Of Stress On Women

We live our life at super speed. This speed is not usually inversely proportional to the brain's ability to adapt to the change. This fast pace results in an increased heart rate. When the heart rate increases, the brain has a tendency to record that instance as a threat. So, when the same situation is [...]
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02 May 2019

Understanding What Pure Plant Extract Is

In a world full of chemical consumption, befriending the pure plant extract is one of the best options you can possibly choose. You may ask yourself, why? During old times, plants were known for their medicinal properties, but there was no method to separate its essence from the plant. So, the consumption of said herbs [...]
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