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Common Questions Asked on Herbal Formulations
What is Ayurveda? Origin? Is Ayurveda recognized by WHO?

The word Ayurveda originates from two Sanskrit word: “Ayur” and “Veda”. Where Ayur means life and Veda means knowledge of science. Ayurveda is an ideal way of living life in consonance with the universe in order to attain optimal health. The genealogy of Ayurveda can be traced back to about 5000 years ago. It is a system of healthcare originated in the Indus valley (India). About 20 years ago WHO adopted traditional medicine program in conjunction with the goal of health for all with the adoption of primary healthcare approach.

What is the basic philosophy of health, disease and treatment in Ayurveda?

Unlike some other system of medicine, Ayurveda is not just concerned with absence of disease. Ayurveda says that you are healthier when your Appetite is strong, Tissues are functioning properly, Tridosh are in balance, Body waste are eliminated well and your mind and senses are experiencing joy. The doshas are the golden triangle of Ayurveda, formed when the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Ether, and Air) align harmoniously with each other. The Tridosh includes Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

How do you standardize your products?

To ensure that the efficacy of the product is maintained through all the batches it’s really important to use standardized extracts. Nuvomed ensures that the product is standardized by using extracts in the formulations that are standardized so as to guarantee that the active molecule is present in a specific concentration throughout all the batches. The process of standardization uses key components only as markers of identity while trying to maintain the same full spectrum of components as the whole herb.

How do you ensure purity of each of your product?

The purity of the product is ensured by controlling various manufacturing parameters so as to attain product of desired quality and efficacy. The quality and the purity of the product is also ensured by performing various quality control and quality assurance tests such as Microbial contamination tests, test for heavy metals and test for various parameters on the dosage forms. The products also goes through various identification tests so as to ensure that the product contains only those ingredients that are mentioned on the label claims.

Why should herbal formulation be used?

There are a number of advantages associated with using herbal medicines as opposed to pharmaceutical products. Examples include the following:

  • Reduced risk of side effects: Most herbal medicines are well tolerated by the patient, with fewer unintended. Herbs typically have fewer side effects than modern medicine, and may be safer to use over time.
  • Effective with chronic conditions: Herbal medicines tend to be more effective for long-standing health complaints that has tendency of reoccurrence.
  • Ayurveda addresses the root cause of disease and imbalance, rather than just mere symptom management
What are the Active constituents used in the formulation?

Please refer the supplement facts mentioned on the label and cartons of the formulations.

Are the herbs standardized and safe?

Yes, herbs can be standardized to ensure the quantity of the active ingredients in the herbal formulation are well tolerated in humans and are safe for long term usage.

How soon the effects can be seen?

How fast the effect of the product is shown depends on multiple factors.

  1. The chronicity of the ailment
  2. Type of supplement that you are taking. Supplements that supports Sleep and Stress generally starts showing its activity in 4 to 5 days. On the other hand the activity of supplements for anti-oxidant and Immunomodulatory activity generally take longer time than other supplements. In general supplements usually takes some extra time to show its activity.
What about interaction with other drugs?

Drug interactions of active pharmaceutical agents with dietary and herbal supplements is a possibility if active pharmaceuticals are taken along with the dietary and herbal supplements. There is a widespread information that herbs and botanical products in dietary supplements are safe but it’s a daunting challenge to identify all interactions that are possible.

Keeping this in mind, it is suggested to keep a gap of minimum 90 minutes between consumption of two different products.

Can herbal medicines be used along with modern medicines?

Yes, it is possible to use Herbal and dietary supplements along with modern medicines but it is suggested to keep a gap of minimum 90 minutes between consumption of two different products.

Do you have any study on efficacy of the product?

All our formulations are based on time tested literature and methods of Ayurveda and herbal medicines. Over the past few decades modern research has also validated the usefulness of these herbs in management of various ailments.

Herbal products generally act slowly, so why should one not go for allopathic medicines which show faster onset of action?

Herbal products take a longer time to enter into our blood stream and start taking effect. They are more body friendly and work slowly to remove the root cause of diseases. Whereas allopathic medicines are synthetically produced and synthetically work on target cells only and not the root cause.

Are any of your product non vegan?

All our products are vegan and are free from any ingredients that are from animal origin.

Are there any additives used in your product?

Yes, there are few additives that have been added in the product to facilitate its formulation. Name of all the inactive are mentioned on the label and cartons. Also all our excipients comply with the pharmacopoeia standards.

What is gluten?

A substance present in cereal grains, especially wheat that is responsible for elastic texture of dough.

NuvoMed Healthy Sleep Capsule
How does it work?

It is a complementary therapy which is helpful in managing sleep deprivation and problems associated with it. This action of the formulation is because of its involvement in increasing the concentration of inhibitory neurotransmitter. It also shows an increase GABA receptor binding and activation of GABA-nergic cells thereby supporting normal sleep.

Can it be taken by children?

No. It is advisable not to give this medication to anyone below 18 years of age.

What are the active constituents and how they work?

Convolvulus pluricaulis: It is known to have anti-oxidant activity and shows an effective free radical scavenging activity.

Rauwolfia serpentina: The pharmacological activity of Rauwolfia serpentina is mainly because of its alkaloidal content. It increases GABA receptor binding and activation of GABA-ergic cells. It is also known to inhibit concentration of neurotransmitters like norepinehrine and serotonin which promote wakefulness.

Valeriana wallichii: The sedative activity of Valeriana wallichii is because of its GABA like activity. GABA being an inhibitory neurotransmitter helps to induce sleep.

Nardostachys jatamansi: It improves the quality of sleep.

Piper longum: in the formulation is known to enhance bioavailability of the active principle, possibly by modulating membrane dynamics and permeation characteristics.

Is it safe for daily use?

Yes. The product is a non-habit forming and is safe for long term use.

Can it be taken with any medical condition?

It is advisable not to take the supplement in case you are suffering from hypotension. Also it is advisable to consultant your healthcare practitioner in case of consumption during pregnancy and lactation.

Is it addictive?


Will it make one feel dizzy when you wake up?

No. One of the major advantage of this formulation is no dizzy or hangover like feeling when you wake up in the morning.

Can more than one dose be taken at short interval?

It is advisable to follow the suggested dose mentioned on the packaging of the product. In case of any alteration in the uptake of dose higher than the recommended dose, please consult your healthcare practitioner before consuming.

Will one be able to wake up early in the morning?

Yes, if the formulation is take as per the suggested dose then the person won’t have any issues in waking up early in the morning. In case of any problems do reach out to your healthcare practitioner.

How long before bed time it should be taken?

1-2 hr. before bed time.

How much time does it takes to show its effect?

As it helps nourish and balance the body system it generally shows activity within first 2 to 3 days and you will notice a significant reduction in anxiety and stress and you will notice that you fall asleep easily and soundly. Its action varies from person to person.

What makes Healthy sleep capsule different from regular sedative and hypnotics?

Healthy sleep capsule is a non-habit forming natural supplement. When you wake up next morning after taking the formulation you feel refreshed unlike other prescription medication where you have feeling of hangover. The prescription drugs that are available are generally addictive in nature and are also associated with side effects

Will Healthy Sleep interfere with other medication that I am taking?

It is not suggested to combine Healthy sleep with other medication. It is a natural product with a clinically proven herbs. It rebalances the body by reducing anxiety and stress levels and helps with duration and quality of sleep. It is advisable to keep a gap of 90 min. between two formulations.

NuvoMed Vitality Capsule
Which active constituents is / are responsible for restoration of vigor and vitality in men?

Withania somnifera, Tribulus terrestris, Bombax malabaricum, Mucuna pruriens

How does it work?

Nuvomed Vitality capsule is an effective complementary therapy which is helpful in management and improvement of sexual behavior, libido and stamina. This action of Nuvomed Vitality capsule is may be due to its activity on male reproductive system, where it improves libido and increase serum concentration of male sexual hormone. It also supports sexual healthy by providing anti-oxidant activity and by promoting the production and utilization of energy.

What are the effects which could been seen to improve after administration of this capsule?
  • Act as a vitality booster for men suffering from sexual dysfunction
  • Helps in improving stamina and sexual behavior
  • Helps in improving Libido and performance
Can it be taken for longer duration?

Yes. Vitality capsules are safe for long term administration. It is advisable to give a periodic gap of around 2 week after every 45 days in case of long term consumption.

What happens if overdose is taken?

An intake of 2-3 times more than the recommended dose is generally well tolerated. In case of Intake more than this then skip the next dose. In case of discomfort consult your health advisor.

Are there any side effects?

No know side-effect have been reported till date.

Is there anyone who should not take Vitality?

Please take Vitality capsule under medical supervision in case of serious ailments associated with Kidney, Liver or Heart.

NuvoMed Immuno Booster Capsule
How does it help strengthen the Immune system?

Ingredients in the formulation have been known to provide immunomodulatory activity. It is enriched with Spirulina which is known for its strong immunomodulatory activity. It is also enriched with Emblica officinalis, Withania somnifera and Piper nigrum. Spirulina in the formulation is enriched with nutritional phytochemicals such as beta carotene, Vitamin B-12, naturally occurring proteins and GLA. This nutrient rich ingredient is helpful in supporting immune system by stimulating immune cell activity.

What happens if dose is missed?

Missing a dose won’t cause any complications. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. If you remember relatively close to the time you take your next dose then you should skip the missed dose. You should then take your next dose and continue on with your normal dosing schedule. Do not double up on doses if you have missed one to avoid an overdose.

Are there any evidence of its immunoprotective action?

Ingredients in the product has been studied extensively for its activity as an immunomodulator. Emblica officinalis and Withania somnifera acts a strong anti-oxidant and support normal functioning of the immune system. It is also rich in concentration of Spirulina that has been studied clinically by various researchers for its immunomodulatory activity.

Can it improve the immunity in immune compromised patients?

Various studies have shown that regular consumption of Spirulina is helpful in management of various conditions in immune compromised patients. Daily consumption of S. platensis coupled with nutritional counseling was found to reduce of the viral load. An increase the CD4 cells count was also evident in the studies. This indicates that the immune response in immune compromised patients improves with Spirulina administration.

Can it also suppress allergies?

Sufficient studies are not available to conclude anything about its activity as a formulation for suppressing allergies.

What is unique about this product?

Presence of herbs that are known to have strong immunomodulator and anti-oxidant activity makes it a unique combination. Along with this, it is also enriched with Piper nigrum in the formulation enhance bioavailability of the supplement and is demonstrated to enhance the uptake of mineral supplement.

If use is stopped will there be rebound effect?

Being a natural supplement enriched with well research herbs makes it a formulation that is not addictive in nature and can be taken for longer duration of time. Once you decide to stop the supplement you can do it straight away and there will be no rebound effect.

Do the capsules need to be taken throughout life?

The formulation is intended for improving ones immunity and to provide anti-oxidant activity. You can take it as long as you want to keep taking it and there is no specific duration after which you need to stop taking it. Still consult your healthcare practitioner for long term consumption. It is advisable to give a periodic gap of around 2 week after every 45 days in case of long term consumption.

Can spirulina taken by pregnant women?

Nutrition during these times is particularly important. Spirulina is, indeed, safe for both pregnancy and breast feeding. Spirulina is rich in easy-to-digest protein and bio-available iron that is ideal for pregnant women. However, it is always advisable for pregnant women to consult their healthcare practitioner or other qualified health professional before taking any food supplements.

Should the dose be increased in illness?

No such studies are available that can give us a clear indication on whether to increase the dose of the formulation during illness. Keeping this in mind it is suggested to consult your healthcare practitioner in case of illness.

How long does it take to see positive results?

How fast the effect of the formulation will be depends on multiple factors such as chronicity of the problem. It also varies from person to person but in general as it is an anti-oxidant and immunomodulator it is suggested to consume it for at least a month to get a better action.

How does antioxidants help in immunity?

Antioxidants tend to shield immune cells from environmental and free radical damage and encourage the production of white blood cells. In addition, antioxidants protect the enzymes that repair DNA damage, thereby enhancing your body’s ability to boost immunity.

What is Spirulina and how does it work to improve immunity?

Spurlina is considered a superfood due to its high nutritional value, and is a rich source of nutrients including amino acids (protein), essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. In addition, it also contains phytochemicals such as beta-carotene and other carotenoids, phycocyanin, and chlorophyll. This nutrient rich ingredient is helpful in supporting immune system by stimulating immune cell activity.

NuvoMed Stress Care
What makes it the best stress and anxiety support supplement?

Nuvomed Stress care capsule is enriched with the ingredients such as Withania somnifera, Bacopa monnieri and Centella asiatica which are known for its activity in management of stress and related problem. Withania somnifer in the formulation is known for its adaptogenic activity that helps body adapt to stress. This action of Nuvomed Stress care capsule is may be due to its activity on Hypothalamic-pitutary-adrenal axis which regulates serum cortisol levels. It also helps by decreasing the formation of free radical accumulation in brain.

How it can work for you?

Nuvomed Stress care capsule is an effective complementary therapy which is helpful in management of stress. This action of Nuvomed Stress care capsule is may be due to its activity on Hypothalamic-pitutary-adrenal axis which regulates serum cortisol levels. It also helps by decreasing the formation of free radical accumulation in brain and increase the level of inhibitor neurotransmitter which facilitates proper sleep.

What’s inside?

Please refer the supplement facts on the label and cartons for the list of ingredients present in the formulation.

Is your product gluten-free and peanut-free?

Yes, the product is free from gluten and peanuts

Do your products contain any other ingredients that aren't listed on the label?

No such ingredients is present in the formulation that is not listed on the label and cartons

Do you test for heavy metals, including lead?

Yes, all our formulations are tested for presence of heavy metal including lead.

Which is better? Whole herbs or standardized extracts?

A standardized herbal extract is an herb extract that has one or more components present in a specific, guaranteed amount, usually expressed as a percentage. The intention behind the standardization of herbs is to guarantee that the consumer is getting a product in which the chemistry is consistent from batch to batch. With whole herbs it’s really difficult to maintain the constituency of the active from batch to batch in the formulation.

Can I take your herbal supplements indefinitely?

Yes. Stress Care capsules are safe for long term administration but it is advisable to give a periodic gap of around 2 week after every 45 days in case of long term consumption.