Privacy Policy

NuvoMed may collect information from you and about you from various sources. Information sources include but are not limited to:

  • information you give us directly by email, web forms, phone, or other direct methods of communication,
  • information we may passively collect from websites (like this one) whereby we may or may not be able to personally identify you either directly or through metadata,
  • information gathered by various third-parties and shared with us including Google Analytics, Amazon’s Alexa web rankings, Facebook’s advertising programs, and other such services. These services may use cookies and other tools to track you on or across the internet. For more information please see our cookie use policy.

The information we collect from various sources may be combined into a single database (the “Information”). We may use the Information to assist in the development and marketing of products and services which will help provide with Healthy Living Made Simple™. If you wish to not provide us with any information we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate your request however not all requests can be met and some functions and services may not work.

We respect your privacy and plan to use the Information in ways which will bring greater health to your life. To that end will may use the Information we gather about you to provide you with product support, products, and services which you have requested. We may also use the Information in order to tell you about new products and services offered by NuvoMed. On occasions we may use the Information to tell you about products and services which help you with healthy living from trusted third parties. However we will not give or sell the Information to any third parties.

We may also share information we gather about you with our advertising and marketing partners like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and third-party service providers who are performing work on our behalf. We only share anonymized information when possible. We will also share the Information have in the event of a sale of NuvoMed or at the request of a court.

We agree to take reasonable measures to maintain the security of the Information with the understanding that the Information will not contain any HIPPA, other personal health, or other sensitive content. As such while we agree to limit the number of people internally who have access to the Information, limit access to physical computers on which the Information is stored, and take other steps to make sure it is not compromised, we may store the Information in a unencrypted state.

Our website contains links to third party sites. We do not and cannot control the content, privacy, or security of those sites. You should review the privacy policy -- and other policies -- of those sites for yourself.

Our website may use functions that are not available in your browser. The website and other media we control may be subject to other policies beside this Privacy Policy. Please carefully review all terms & conditions for each NuvoMed site, product, and service.