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Brain Fog is a condition involving cognitive dysfunction including memory problems, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration and inability to focus. Some also describe it as mental fatigue. Nuvomed Brain Fog Capsule is an herbal supplement and is enriched with herbs that supports normal mental function, and improve mental clarity. Nuvo-Med Brain Fog Capsule is also helpful in improving concentration, accelerates brain function and learning.*


  • Improve Recall, Sharpness, Alertness and Concentration*
  • Support Cognitive Function and Mental Clarity*


NuvoMed Brain Fog Supplements touted as the best herbal brain fog supplements in USA are proving highly helpful to overcome brain fog & increase mental clarity.
Herbal Brain Fog Capsules

Brain fog is a condition involving cognitive dysfunction. The term includes memory problems, lack of mental clarity, poor concentration and the inability to focus. Some also describe Brain fog as mental fatigue.

NuvoMed Brain Fog is a herbal supplement enriched with ingredients that support normal mental functioning and improve mental clarity. NuvoMed Brain Fog capsules are also helpful for improving concentration and can accelerate brain functioning and learning.

Brain Fog can affect various cognitive functions including:

  • .Information storage and recall
  • .Information processing
  • .Visual and spatial skills
  • .Executive functioning used in planning, problem solving, and organization

Key Benefits*

  • Improves recall, sharpness, alertness and concentration
  • Supports cognitive functioning and mental clarity


  • Bacopa monnieri & Withania somnifera – The blend of Bacopa monnieri and Withania somnifera helps to maintain a youthful mental performance in high stress working environments. These herbs are also known to improve recall, sharpness, clarity, and concentration.

  • Juglans regia & Phoenix dactylifera – These herbs have synergistic activity and are responsible for providing nutritional support to brain cells.

  • Olea europaea & Emblica officinalis – The antioxidant activity of these herbs help to boost a broad array of nervous system immunity. Amla extract (Emblica officinalis) also helps improve the body’s defense against oxidative stress by decreasing the formation and accumulation of free radicals in the brain.

  • Zingiber officinalis – Bioactive compounds found in ginger increase the activity of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in learning and memory.

  • Prunus Amygdalus – Almonds possess antioxidant and antiradical compounds that are helpful in preventing or slowing the processes of various oxidative stress-related complications.

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